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leadership and spiritual formation coach

We share common struggles and problems in our lives that we would like to solve. Issues that affect both our careers and our day to day life.

Are there times when you…. 

  • are experiencing a crisis of faith in God?
  • don’t believe God loves you?
  • need and want to be a transformational leader?
  • want to maximize your strengths?
  • ready to walk away from your successful career and want to know your purpose in your next season of life?
  • are tired of the “achievement addiction"
  • don’t think your prayers are going past the ceiling?
  • have “hit the Wall” spiritually?
  • want more fulfillment in life?
  • want to know why you are here?
  • want to improve your work/life balance
  • long for true peace and joy?
  • don’t want to give up power and control because you cannot fully trust God?
  • are tired of “people pleasing?”
  • know your core values are not being lived out?
I have asked myself all these questions and many more.   I can help you find your answers by coming along beside you as your coach.
Imagine what it would be like to have the answer to all of these questions.  You can!  Really!


Leaders influence people and anyone can be a leader. Transformational leaders have the ability to get people to do far more than they expect themselves to do.

Spiritual Formation

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Discover your passion and purpose for your next season of life. The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a next season defined by joy, impact, and balance.

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Claudia is amazing. Consistent, caring and completely professional. Her support and accountability has pushed me personally and professionally. When you set goals with Claudia, be prepared to meet and surpass them!

~ S.M.

Claudia is an excellent leadership coach. She is gifted at getting to the heart of what matters that enhances motivation and accountability to achieve goals.

~ D.Z.

Claudia is an excellent listener and helped me by asking the right questions. With her guidance I finally understood what was important to me and how to make my life better than I ever thought it could be.

~ L. Moser

Claudia has a gift of clarifying what matters most that has increased my momentum in moving forward toward my goals. She listens deeply and asks powerful questions that reveal new options. Her coaching style is both caring and challenging that supports true life change.

~ D.Z.

Claudia is the type of professional coach I value working with. She helps hold a space for me as a client where I can go deep in what I’m thinking and feeling so I can get clarity around the outcome I’m working towards. Her unique gifts are around deep listening and powerful questions that help me explore what might be possible in that moment to ignite awareness I otherwise would not uncover on my own. I walk away from each session with Claudia an empowered client with clarity on what I can do next.

~ N.L.

Claudia possesses a wonderful mixture of discernment and compassion. She listens keenly for what’s REALLY going on and lovingly supports her coaching clients toward awareness and action. Reach out to Claudia if you are a Christian seeking a sacred companion to help guide your way.

~ M.P.