I Coach Christian Women Who Are Stuck In Life So They Can Move Forward

When you hire a coach, you are not paying for coaching. You are paying to achieve an outcome you want and coaching is the tool.

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Contend or Cooperate with God?

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Carrie took the group coaching course, Promised Land Living (PLL). Here is her amazing testimony of what she learned and how uncovering the lie(s) she had been absorbing for over 4 decades changed her life and her direction. Click the Coaching tab above and choose Promised Land Living for more information.

Why Spiritual Formation Coaching?

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I am passionate about coaching Christian women who feel stuck in their life, spinning their wheels, and cannot move forward. Are you questioning your faith, feeling forsaken by God, feeling invisible and insignificant, believing you are not enough, or that God is not enough? Maybe, you are trying to figure out who you are and why you are here. Does any of the above resonate with you?

I can help you get unstuck and achieve what matters to you and what you really want.

I have walked in your shoes and "I get it!"  There was a season in my life when I was completely stuck and could not move forward. It was hard to take a deep breath or even want to live.  My life seemed hopeless due to loss, pain, and failure. I was surviving, but not living.

I was in a very dark place, a bottomless pit, about my faith in Christ. This abyss of darkness caused my view of God to become extremely distorted and invalid. Maybe you, too, are in a dark place with similar questions and wondering if God hears your cry for help.

Amid my suffering, I had to make a choice and so do you. I could remain stuck in the darkness of my soul or I could take steps to get unstuck and move forward. For God to restore and transform me, I had to have courage and a deep desire for healing. It required not only a willingness to see the truth about what I had been believing about myself and God but also the courage to face my deepest secrets, wounds, failures, and fears. Awareness of who I had become was extremely painful and convicting.  I cannot tell you how ashamed I was at how I had "shown up as a confessing Christian, not a practicing Christian." I desperately needed God's forgiveness.

As the lies I had believed since childhood were uncovered, I faced a critical decision. Was I going to accept what God was revealing to me or contend with Him? Deciding not to accept the truth would have left me stuck.  I chose to believe what he was showing me and move forward with His help and guidance.  It was hard to accept the truth that my wrong thinking and beliefs had caused me to make some bad decisions.

My healing and transformation took time and it required forgiveness of others and myself. Healing from this dark season of my soul required a strong commitment to move forward in truth, as well as courage, honesty, and a deep desire for restoration in my relationship with God.

I want to come along beside you as you go through the invaluable process of restoration and transformation by learning to live daily in the truth.  You can become the person you were always meant to be. You are never too old to change.

When you hire a coach, you are paying to achieve an outcome you desire and coaching is the tool.

My mission statement is “to help others know the living God, "walk" daily in the truth, grow in their intimacy with Christ, and discover their God-given passion and purpose."

In Conformed To His Image, Kenneth Boa said, "Our image of God shapes our spiritual direction and future." David Jeremiah believes "One of the reasons we don’t love God and trust Him as much as we should is because we don’t know Him as well as we ought."


What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.

-A.W. Tozer, Knowledge Of The Holy


Read about my crisis of faith and see if it resonates with you.

Formation Coaching

You know something is missing from your life. There are questions in your heart regarding God, your faith, your identity, your purpose for being here, and many others. But, who can you talk to about them that you trust?


Discover your passion and purpose for your next season of life. The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a next season defined by joy, impact, and balance.

Promised Land Living
Group Coaching

A Biblically based group coaching program designed to create awareness in the participants of the lies each one has been believing and therefore, living out. This program teaches the participant how to shift from the lie to Biblical truth.

I am so grateful to have you as my Halftime coach. My life was impacted in more ways than I could have imagined. You taught me to listen to God as He knows what is best. I recall that my first words to you were, ' I need to figure out the next steps for my life.' No consideration on my part that listening to God and letting Him guide me that my true purpose would be found. I am not the same person that I was a year ago. I was unaware then of my strengths and spiritual gifts that you brought to life in me. I had so much to learn and you guided me. There were tears, laughter, talking, listening and 'ah ha’ moments. I am full of thankfulness for my mission statement. I know God, through you, brought me back to life with true purpose and conviction. I will never forget this Halftime experience and my time with you. Thank you.

~ Lee Ann Mills

Claudia is not only a game changer, she is a life changer.  Each time I spoke with her, I walked away ready.  Ready to hear God speak, ready to listen and ready to show up stronger.  She listens, she is thoughtful and she helps you get to the root of things.  Claudia speaks the truth in love.  She is a coach and friend.  I am grateful for her wisdom in my life!

~ Sarah T.

Claudia has been a God send for sure in my life. Her authentic faith and deep desire to have people know who they are in Christ and to live in their promised land came across in every coaching session. The energy she came into our sessions with along with the deep care for who I am and what was on my heart formed a very trusted and safe place to talk out the confusion of life. Claudia has a wonderful way of challenging you to dig deeper with Christ while being your number one cheerleader at the same time! If you want to really break free from the bondage that is holding you back from experiencing the joy of your promised land walking freely with your Savior, then give yourself a gift by reaching out to Claudia.

~ Carrie Park

Claudia is amazing. Consistent, caring and completely professional. Her support and accountability has pushed me personally and professionally. When you set goals with Claudia, be prepared to meet and surpass them!

~ S.M.

Claudia is an excellent leadership coach. She is gifted at getting to the heart of what matters that enhances motivation and accountability to achieve goals.

~ D.Z.

Claudia is an excellent listener and helped me by asking the right questions. With her guidance I finally understood what was important to me and how to make my life better than I ever thought it could be.

~ L. Moser

Claudia has a gift of clarifying what matters most that has increased my momentum in moving forward toward my goals. She listens deeply and asks powerful questions that reveal new options. Her coaching style is both caring and challenging that supports true life change.

~ D.Z.

Claudia is the type of professional coach I value working with. She helps hold a space for me as a client where I can go deep in what I’m thinking and feeling so I can get clarity around the outcome I’m working towards. Her unique gifts are around deep listening and powerful questions that help me explore what might be possible in that moment to ignite awareness I otherwise would not uncover on my own. I walk away from each session with Claudia an empowered client with clarity on what I can do next.

~ N.L.

Claudia possesses a wonderful mixture of discernment and compassion. She listens keenly for what’s REALLY going on and lovingly supports her coaching clients toward awareness and action. Reach out to Claudia if you are a Christian seeking a sacred companion to help guide your way.

~ M.P.

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