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PLL Invite for Fall 2022

This is my personal invitation to Christian women who are interested in uncovering the lies that our enemy has had us believe about ourselves and God for years. Promised Land Living (PLL) Is a group coaching course that is weekly.

My course is starting on Tuesday, August 16 and ends before Thanksgiving. It will be held virtually from 6 PM to 8 PM Eastern standard time. Only eight women can register.

Please go to the website, and click the tab for courses.


Richard E Simmons III, founder and Executive Director of The Center for Executive Leadership says, "It is crucial for us to understand that truth has to be discovered, it cannot be invented. Truth is an objective reality that you seek to discover and understand. It never changes. It is not subject to debate or dialogue and it does not evolve over time".

What are you believing to be true about yourself and/or God that is in error? Are you believing that you are flawed, not enough, not loved, not valued, not accepted, not safe, etc.? Are you living your life and making decisions based on these beliefs? Are you believing that God is not good because of your suffering and pain?  What we believe determines our future. I know because I did it.

The Promised Land Living (PLL) course helped me uncover lies I had been believing since childhood. It is not a Bible Study or about teaching you Scripture. It is about taking the Biblical truths that you know and learning to "walk" in them.

PLL is a Biblically-based group coaching course designed to create awareness in the participants of the lies each one has been believing and therefore, living out. This course teaches the participant how to shift from a lie to Biblical truth. The process of learning how to shift to the truth is transformative, life-changing, and one that can forever be utilized.

I attended the PLL course and was so impressed with the process that I am now a Certified Coach Presenter. You can live in the Promised Land and have the abundant life you were promised if you walk daily in truth.  It is much more than knowing the truth.

Click the Learn More button below to be directed to the Promised Land Living website for additional information. On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the event, UNSHAKABLE, will be held from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern time. Mark your calendars and register for this amazing FREE event by clicking the tab, "Events" on the Promised Land Living Website.

My Next Group Coaching Course:  Starts Tuesday, January 25.  I would love to have you join me.  Total of 8 women, strictly confidential, and safe.  Get out of bondage and be free to live your abundant life! Click tab "PLL Women" on the Promised Land Living Website.

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Coaching Course

I want to invite you to register for my January, 2022 Promised Land Living group coaching course!
Every Tuesday night from
6:00 pm-8:00 pm Eastern time
Cost $400.00
Course Includes:
- 13 online sessions using Zoom. Dates are detailed on the registration form.
- One individual coaching session with Claudia
- Limited to 8 participants (women only)
- Totally confidential