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I am offering professional life and leadership coaching at a reduced rate of $200
for three 45 minute sessions per month.

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Coaching clients have reported benefits such as improved interpersonal relationships, increased self-confidence,
better communication skills, new career opportunities, improved work/life balance and many others

My coaching style is faith based and is a co-active partnership that is always confidential. I work to create a safe environment which is supportive for every client. My coaching style is relaxed, positive, and encouraging. I help the client move forward into the future and reach goals they never thought possible.

In addition, I help the client reach higher levels of fulfillment, confidence, and competence. I manage the process and the client manages the agenda and progress. I do not give advice or suggestions. Clients are capable of finding their answers within themselves by drawing from their own experiences, knowledge, and resources. The client typically talks 80% of the time and I talk 20% of the time. Through coaching, I help the client achieve their highest potential using tools such as intense listening, powerful questions, and direct communication.

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Coaching works to help you find the answers within yourself.