Claudia Cantrell is Available for Speaking Engagements

Throughout my life, I struggled with insecurity, and poor self-esteem.  I was heartbroken and lonely much of the time. I was bullied before bullying was “cool”. 

To know me outwardly, I appeared to be a successful, independent, and confident career woman.  Rejection and loneliness started at a very young age. In fact. I saw everything through a lens of rejection and for this reason, I built a wall of protection around myself.  I wanted more than anything to be accepted, loved unconditionally, and to belong.

I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 9, but my deeply personal relationship to Him was lacking.  I wrote a book, Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness, Belonging and Finding True Love, in which I share my journey from being a victim to victory.  It is for women who have been emotionally wounded and need hope and healing.  My story is a little “heavy” but ends up great!

For information on Claudia’s talks and to inquire about specific speaking opportunities, please go to The Robinson Agency.

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