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Claudia Cantrell
Conference Speaker

Author of
Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness,
Belonging, and Finding True Love


I should get an academy award! To look at me or be around me, you would have seen a confident, joyful, and an "all-together" woman who had "the world by the tail!"  Every single day for most of my life, I portrayed this woman I wanted so badly to be.  It was a disguise on the outside and most importantly, I faked what was going on inside.  It was my false self that I learned to show others so they couldn't see the pain, hurt, and insecurity on the inside.    The truth is that I struggled with rejection issues for most of my life and was bullied when bullying wasn’t cool.  From a very young age, I asked questions such as, "Why God, did you create me?, What's wrong with me? Why can't my mother love me for me?, Why am I unlovable?" and many more.  I hated myself and compared myself to every woman.  I thought, "If I could only be her, then...."   My comparison mentality led me to isolate myself at a young age and believe that I was unlovable. I fell into the trap of believing that if I could be attractive, accomplished, wealthy, and believe it or not, thin, I would have worth.   All I wanted was to be accepted, loved, and belong.  After striving for decades and finding nothing but emptiness, I slowly realized that I had been believing a lot of lies about myself and God that my enemy wanted me to believe.  The "blinders" started to come off as God revealed His depth of love for me through excruciating pain.

In 2017, I released a book called, Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love. Without a doubt, I know that I was prompted by God to write this book to give those who have experienced emotional wounding hope for healing.  It is a hard story to read, but it ends up great.  I am both raw and transparent as I describe my spiritual journey. God opened my eyes to the lies I had been living in and replaced those lies with His truth.  My transformation did not happen overnight, but God never let go of me as He revealed the truth about every lie that had held me stuck and in bondage.

Our enemy comes to "steal, kill, and destroy" us.  His end game for those of us who are Christ followers is to disempower Christ in our lives and make us ineffective for the Kingdom.  For decades, he stole my identity, my life, my joy, my peace, and my love for God, myself, and others by blinding my eyes to the truth.  I was only a "pawn" in his hands.  He kept me so "BUSY" that I had no time to read Biblical truth and BE with my Savior.

Questions:  Are you living in a false self due to your invalid beliefs? What could you be believing that is not true about yourself and/or God?  Do you want to live in truth? Not just know the truth but walk in it.  You can do it too and live the abundant life that Christ died to give you.



Speaking Topics


Identity Theft - This talk is based on the book and our identity in Christ.  I talk about the main lie we believe and that is "I am not enough."

Is Your God Enough? - This talk is about surrender and total abandonment to Christ.