What is Coaching?

What is professional coaching?

What is Professional Coaching

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The coaching relationship is a co-active partnership between the coach and the client where the client sets the agenda and makes progress through his/her actions. The coach manages the process. Coaching is forward moving and positive. Coaching is going from the present forward to the future and growing and not looking to the past for healing. The coach listens intently to what the client is saying and “not saying”. In addition, the coach asks powerful questions and allows the client time to discover the answers. The client should be mentally healthy, motivated, creative, resourceful, and committed to growth.

Do I need a coach?

Have you ever had these thoughts and/or asked yourself these questions?

Am I achieving my highest potential in leadership, my career, or life?
I am single (divorced, widow, or have never been married). How do I discover my calling and pursue it?
How do I gain more confidence in my life or career?
How do I turn my dreams into reality?
I have wanted ______ for so long. How do I get past being stuck and unhappy?
I feel like life is passing me by. What can I do to live my life to the fullest every day?

Your professional and personal effectiveness can increase by as much as 80% through coaching.

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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring, consulting, and counseling?

A coach does not give advice or tell the client what to do. The coach is not the expert, the client is the expert of their life. Counselors deal with the past and coaches deal with the future. A mentor and a consultant are also experts who share their knowledge with the client and give them advice.