What Is Coaching?



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The coaching relationship is a co-active partnership between the coach and the client where the client sets the agenda and makes progress through his/her actions. The coach manages the process. Coaching is forward moving and positive. Coaching is going from the present forward to the future and growing and not looking to the past for healing. The coach listens intently to what the client is saying and “not saying”. In addition, the coach asks powerful questions and allows the client time to discover the answers. The client should be mentally healthy, motivated, creative, resourceful, and committed to growth.


If you can answer YES to all the statements below, you are probably ready for coaching.

I am committed and ready to invest in myself. Investment includes time, energy, and financial resources.
I am willing to be totally honest with myself and my coach about where I am now and where I envision myself going in life and in my career.
I am ready to move forward and grow. And, I have healed from any issues of the past that could prevent my progress.
I am ready to discover and clarify my passion and my purpose in life.
I am ready to set goals that are healthy and make choices that support my core values and strengths.
I am ready to follow through on my commitments.
I am ready to hear from God during the coaching process and act on His promptings.

Your professional and personal effectiveness can increase by as much as 80% through coaching.

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