About Claudia Cantrell

Hello, I am Claudia Cantrell, a professional coach, author, and speaker and I am passionate about helping clients experience life to the fullest and have the greatest fulfillment. Why? Because for much of my adult life, I lived just the opposite.

I’ve walked through rejection, bullying, and loneliness as well as healing and forgiveness and tell my journey in my book, Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love. It is a hard story to read, but it ends up great! My book was written for those who have experienced emotional wounding and need healing and hope.

You and I may have “walked in similar shoes”. It was not my choice to be single until my 50s, but it was God’s plan. I know what it feels like to be lonely, experience burnout, want more in your career, to wonder if your dreams will ever come true or if you will ever belong, to wake up every morning hating your job, to lose your joy and confidence, to fear never being happy again, to feel like life is passing you by, and to feel invisible. I do understand your fears, your pain, and your desire for more.

There were times in my life when I knew I was not living out my highest potential or experiencing the greatest fulfillment. I found myself asking questions such as “What’s next for me?”; “What’s my passion?”; “How do I prevent or heal from burnout?”; “How do I get unstuck?”; and “What do I do now?” Based on these questions and many more, I finally realized God was leading me to discover my inner passion and ultimately have the most thrilling life ever! I had to decide if I wanted to stay stuck in my pain and discontentment or move forward and grow to experience my best life.

After much prayer and soul searching, I attended The Halftime Institute, where it was confirmed to me, through their coaching, that I was not only to finish the book I had started, but also that God was calling me to be a Christian coach.

I enrolled in The Professional Christian Coaching Institute and love my newly discovered passion of serving clients as a leadership, career, and life Christian coach.

In addition to coaching, I am a Christian speaker and enjoy opportunities to speak on topics such as Identity Theft, and Is God Big Enough?


Where your talent and the needs of the world cross, your calling can be found
Where your talent and the needs of the world cross, your calling can be found
On a Personal Note

I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and received my college degree and post-graduate training in the Raleigh-Durham area. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 9 years old. My Christianity is my identity and for this reason, it is who I am.

For over 35 years, I worked in both the clinical and corporate worlds as a Physician Assistant and Director, respectively. After marrying for the first time in 2012, I decided to leave the professional world to be a wife and stepmom, both of which I love.

If you are ready to move forward to pursue your highest potential and greatest fulfillment, I would be honored to have a conversation with you about how coaching can help.